What Does “NoellieBelly” Mean to You?

Hey everyone!

I am in the process of working on a new photography Instagram to hopefully find some clients near me! Currently, my focus is on building my portfolio to fill up the Instagram account with examples of my work. However, I am not sure what to name it!

Right now, the name is NoellieBelly Photography which I like but since it would be a business I wanted to get a feel for others opinions. Other ideas I was playing around with were names with ‘Wildflower’ in them. Unfortunately, there are a million accounts called Wildflower Photography so it would need to be different in some way.

My main question is: What do you think of when you read ‘NoellieBelly’?

I know what it means to me but I am very curious to see what you think! All of my social media accounts are associated with NoellieBelly but I was thinking of making my photography its own thing.

So comment down below or send me a message with your opinion! NoellieBelly is a cute name and all I just don’t know how other people interpret it.

Thanks for your help!

xo, Noelle


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